You Can Have Eternal Impact Through Relational Intelligence

You Can Have Eternal Impact Through Relational Intelligence

Consentia Group is all about helping you achieve eternal impact through relationships. Why? Because healthy relationships are the key to human thriving.

God designed it that way because God is love. It’s no surprise, then, that Jesus prioritized love as the sum of God’s commands and intentions. The Great Commandment means that love is the core of faith.

So we could say that healthy humans are people who are learning to love at full capacity. And that’s where SDI can help. Unless we develop awareness of how our responses to others are driven by our internal motivations, we aren’t loving others—we are reacting to them.

Reactivity is not a good formula for loving relationships. When we react, we aren’t treating others the way we want to be treated. That’s especially true when we feel challenged or threatened by what someone says or does. Our reactions become even more intense and rigid. We lose adaptivity and no longer consider the other person. Instead, we focus on self-preservation. And that’s when things can go badly in our relationships.

SDI gives us a reliable map of our motivations and how they change when we are in conflict. With the highest reliability and validity ratings in the assessment universe, the SDI helps us understand how we use behaviors to try to express our values. And it shows us how we overdo our strengths or become demanding when we are in conflict. This information is critical to stepping back and remembering what we care about and who we want to be.

Before we can do something different than react, we need the tools to proactively choose responses that are true to ourselves yet consider the needs of the people with whom we are relating. SDI is one of the tools we need to build awareness, capacity, and practice in a more loving way of relationships.

To refresh your awareness of your personalized SDI profile, log in to Core Strengths
 and review your customized report of your assessment. Then consider inviting your family or work team to take the assessment as well. The “Compare Tools” on the platform provides group maps to understand one another and to chart more harmonious and effective relationship plans for your future together.

Del Fehsenfeld