From Love, Through Love, To Love

From Love, Through Love, To Love

You were made for relationships. The timeless wisdom of the Bible speaks to our origins in the God of love who made human beings from love, through love, to love.

We come into the world as infants dependent on care-giving relationships. Our brain, our identity, and our personality forms through relational interaction. In this sense, there literally is no “I” without a “we.” Relationships are the ultimate “why” behind our work, and the key to a satisfying, meaningful life.

We are broken by relationships, too. There is no pain as deep as loneliness, isolation, or rejection. The quest for love (and avoidance of un-love) is the universal motivator for good and bad.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0) cracks the code of how relational drives shape behavior, conflict, strengths, and communication. It provides an evidence-based and startlingly accurate portrait of the way every person relates to the world and how they are shaped by hopes and fears related to acceptance, significance, and security with others.

Learning how these drives have uniquely shaped you (and those around you) unlocks a powerful relational intelligence for life. And passing relational intelligence on to others transforms lives and dramatically improves the quality of relationships at home and at work.

Consentia Group is your partner in bringing the transforming power of relational awareness and gospel-based soul development to individuals, marriages, parenting, leadership, and teams. We stand ready with world-class tools to empower you to bring the power of the SDI to your context.

Why not make this year a year of relationships” by exploring how applications of the SDI can be used to:

Improve Relationships

When people discover what motivations drive their personal behavior and apply gospel truths to their identity, they get better at interpersonal relationships. The goal of interactions shifts to getting clarity about each other (instead of being right).

Develop Effective Leaders

Leaders must be developed, not just appointed. Leadership failure is most often caused by poor relationship skills and a lack of self-awareness about how they are perceived by others. Application of the SDI 2.0 to leadership is extensive and revealing. Independent research has shown that Consentia Group leadership training makes a significant difference in how people lead.

Strengthen Marriages

Marriages are the foundation of life in society. Divorce remains high in communities of faith, and married couples need relational understanding. The first place to apply relational transformation is in our family. We have a commitment to build soulmates for life.

Build Better Teams

Teams composed of strong relationships are less likely to have communication breakdowns. Focused on conversations where work gets done, teams with relational intelligence promote healthy opposition to quickly see all sides of an issue, so they can make timely decisions that produce healthy results.

Impact Your Community 

The desire for thriving relationships is a universal need. People everywhere want to learn how to strengthen connection, break the cycle of conflict, and communicate more effectively. The wisdom of the SDI delivers a proven process to improve the quality and effectiveness of interpersonal relationships. And the soul connections provided by the Consentia Group open an opportunity to share how the good news of the gospel meets the core needs of the heart.


A member of the Consentia Group is ready to have a personal conversation about how to bring customized solutions of relational intelligence to your context.

Del Fehsenfeld