How Much Do Your Relationships Cost?

How Much Do Your Relationships Cost?

How much is subpar teamwork costing your organization? How much lost time, missed opportunities, lack of collaboration, and halfhearted engagement? How much stress, strained relationships, bad decisions, and even staff turnover?

What’s tragic is that over 80% of the relational slippage on teams could have been easily avoided through increased relational intelligence. That’s right—the most important asset of your ministry is the relationships on your team. There are no shortcuts. Better ministry comes from better relationships.

However, high-performing relationships don’t just happen. They are the result of taking steps to increase relational awareness on the team—where each team member gains customized insight into the motivations that underlie their behavior. It’s learning the “why” that drives the “what” of each team member, and going under behavior to the soul longings that come from our God-given need to give and receive love. That’s why growing in relational intelligence is actually applying the gospel to the core needs of our soul, and learning how to love more effectively.

Consentia Group is your gospel partner to raise the “relational IQ” of your staff team. Our proven process, Changed2Lead, combines the evidence-based power of a world-class assessment called the Strength Deployment Inventory (or SDI) with the biblical wisdom of the three passions of the soul, which are our universal drives for significance, security, and acceptance. Through Changed2Lead, your team will get a clear picture of each team member’s core motivational value system, their conflict sequence, and how they use (and overuse!) strengths. Armed with a customized blueprint of the way your team functions together, relationships become more enjoyable and effective.

Stop paying the cost of relationship leakage. Consentia Group’s customized solutions will raise your leadership team’s relational IQ, and help your ministry get better results through relationships!

Del Fehsenfeld