Expectations Editions

Expectations Editions

The Key to a Focused, Collaborative TEAM — Clear Expectations.

Expectations are an important and often overlooked part of work. Every person has expectations about how projects should run, how elders should lead, how people should minister.

Understanding these expectations is key to ministry satisfaction. Failure to communicate expectations can lead to conflict, disappointment and anger — translating into disengaged members and neglected ministry.

The Expectations Editions of the SDI and Strengths Portrait encourage focused conversations between leaders and team members to set clear expectations and cultivate satisfying collaboration.

SDI Expectations Edition® defines expectations in a specific role or relationship. The assessment provides an objective forum for members to voice expectations and put them down on paper, so they can be compared and discussed in a positive environment. This exercise helps each person recognize how their motives and strengths shape their expectations, leading to greater understanding among colleagues and stronger collaboration overall. The SDI Expectations Edition can be used as a self-assessment, as a feedback instrument or to set expectations for a new role.

Strengths Portrait Expectation Edition compares role expectations to individual strengths. The assessment asks the individual and team to rank the strengths they believe are required to succeed in a particular role. The results are compared to the individual’s Strengths Portrait, helping create a plan to better engage the role and thrive within it.

By becoming certified, you have full access to all the assessments with your own online account.  You also receive curriculum and instruction to apply the assessment tools in your ministry setting.