Feedback Editions

Feedback Editions

Better performance starts with feedback.

Constructive feedback is scarce in today’s ministry. It’s not that it isn’t available; it’s simply overlooked or, worse, avoided. The thing is — we need feedback. Research shows that feedback from co-workers has significant benefits. It builds trust and leads to more ministry satisfaction, reduced conflict and increased better results.

The Feedback Editions of the SDI, Strengths Portrait and Overdone Strengths Portrait help facilitate conversations about performance. Each report is tailored to the individual — identifying blind spots, areas for improvement and how others perceive his or her strengths. This kind of practical feedback leads to more thoughtful interactions and positive changes in perception and behavior. The end result is healthier relationships and a more collaborative, productive team.

The spark for success — feedback.

The SDI Feedback Edition® uncovers differences in perceptions and encourages healthy, honest conversations and constructive feedback. It can be used for both one-on-one and 360-degree feedback, enabling discussions about changes in attitude and behavior.

The Strengths Portrait Feedback Edition helps the individual giving feedback create a picture of the strengths they see the recipient using most and least often. The Portrait establishes an open discussion that includes constructive feedback on perceived behaviors. An easy-to-use gap analysis highlights specific areas for discussion and insight.

The Overdone Strengths Portrait Feedback Edition explores the differences in perceptions that often create conflict and damage relationships. It highlights assumptions that people make about others, identifies blind spots and helps resolve misunderstandings. Seeing both our strengths and weaknesses provides balance and awareness to build a stronger, more effective team. The Portrait offers a positive approach to give feedback and address potential causes of conflict. An easy-to-use gap analysis highlights specific areas for discussion and insight.


Feedback is important, but the right kind of feedback is essential for success. It’s more than data in a spreadsheet, or an annual review. Our Feedback Editions provide constructive feedback that’s targeted to bring about meaningful changes with positive results.