Overdone Strengths Portrait™

Overdone Strengths Portrait™

Strengths can backfire, despite good intentions. This happens when we use a strength too frequently, too intensely or at the wrong time altogether. Overdone strengths have the potential to trigger conflict, damage relationships and derail productivity.

The Overdone Strengths Portrait assessment identifies which strengths you tend to misapply, and how those overdone strengths impact your relationships and ministry. It describes how your specific overdone strengths can break down collaboration and cause tension — and the ways you can manage your strengths to prevent conflict and maximize ministry effectiveness.

The Portrait In Action

The Overdone Strengths Portrait allows people to see how they use – and at times misuse – their strengths. A behavior that’s well-intended can backfire when it’s perceived as a negative action because it’s overdone or used in the wrong situation.
pastedGraphic.pngFor example, “Quick to Act” might be your top strength, and it works well most of the time. But in some situations, and with certain people, you may be quick to act when others need you to be patient or cautious. If you consistently act without weighing the consequences, others may see you as rash.

To manage this strength, you take a different approach — you gather input from stakeholders and discuss any risks or concerns to generate buy-in and strengthen cohesion.

Ranking 28 overdone strengths helps identify when and why strengths might result in unintended outcomes because they are perceived as overdone in frequency, duration, or intensity, or because they don’t fit the context of a situation. This portrait is extremely effective in creating opportunities to reflect on ways to change behaviors to achieve better results.

How It Makes a Difference

This kind of interpersonal understanding defines successful leaders. Knowing how you tend to overdo certain strengths enables you to make corrections, avoid the stress of conflict and achieve greater results. The Overdone Strengths Portrait also helps you see the good intention behind overdone strengths, making it easier to understand and appreciate others.

You will learn:

  • How your overdone strengths can stall ministry and cause conflict
  • How others perceive your behavior when you take a strength too far
  • How to recognize another person’s overdone strengths
  • How to manage your overdone strengths and improve your outcomes

Inside the Assessment

The assessment produces a portrait of your 28 strengths, ranked in order of those you tend to overdo most to least. Each strength is also categorized into one of four groups, showing your tendency to overdo certain groups of strengths (e.g., people, performance, process or perspective).

The Overdone Strengths Portrait is available in online or print format. The online assessment produces a four-page results summary, or an eight-page, in-depth report for each participant. The report thoroughly explains the results, and how to manage overdone strengths and interpret others’ intent.

The Overdone Strengths Portrait Report includes —

  • A straightforward guide to the individual’s portrait and scores
  • Charts, graphics and content specific to the individual’s results
  • Examples and illustrations to better understand and practically apply the results
  • Data and insights that easily integrate into any training program

Greater awareness leads to greater effectiveness.