Consentia Group and TotalSDI Certification

We are glad to facilitate training for you and your organization, but we prefer to equip you through the process of Certification. Certification assures us that you are fully equipped to facilitate the material fully and accurately for the desired result. When certified, you are entrusted to carry out the facilitation and you can make the training a regular part of your ministry without contracting for a facilitator.

As a certified facilitator, you are entrusted to use the copyrighted and patented processes of both the TotalSDI and that of Consentia Group. Consentia Group is authorized to grant certification for the complete suite of TotalSDI tools to ministries at a significant discount and to make assessments available at a significant discount.

There are four Certifications you can obtain. Each one of them gives you certain licenses for materials.

1. Pastoral Certification  $1250 $350

This two day training is designed to equip the local pastor to use memberLIFE and groupLIFE and all the TotalSDI suite of assessments in the context of their local ministry. You will also be equipped to use the material for counseling and pre-marital counseling. We have designed this training to be extremely affordable to make the material available to every local church. You will also receive a complete slide deck and reproducible pdf files to carry out your training without purchasing additional materials (although printed materials are available in the store).

Please Note: You must attend a live certification training in order to pursue Pastoral Certification

2. Limited Use Certification  $1250

This two day training is designed to equip consultants, counselors, coaches, and denominational workers to train in any setting (beyond one local church). You will receive all the materials of Pastoral Certification plus your certification will include Working with SDI, Three Passions of the Soul, the SDI Quick Guide, and a follow up coaching appointment to help with implementation. You will also be included in the Find a Facilitator section of our site if you desire to be available for training to other groups.

Please Note: You must attend a live certification training in order to pursue Limited Use Certification

3. Soulmates for Life Module Certification  $150

The application of Consentia Group principles and the TotalSDI to marriage is called Soulmates For Life™. To be certified as a facilitator with our marriage material you must have either the Pastoral Certification or Limited Use Certification. Your Certification will include all the slides you need for facilitating marriage retreats. You will also be given access to online training videos to prepare you in this application.

4. Leadership Development Module Certification  $150 (RELEASE DATE FEBRUARY 28 – taking pre-orders)

An important application of Consentia Group and TotalSDI concepts is for leadership development. Most leadership development programs are directed at organizational leadership without the more important aspect of how each person carries out their leadership function based on what is going on in their soul. The application we focus on in this 12 Unit Leadership Module is taking the things we have learned about ourselves and applying them to core leadership practices (i.e. Facilitating Change, Discipleship, Integrity, Forming Teams, Empowering Others, Motivating Volunteers, Management Style, Envisioning, Listening, Correction, Encouragement, and Multiplication of Leaders). Certification for Leadership Development requires either Pastoral Certification or Limited Use Certification as a prerequisite.  You will receive all the slides you need to facilitate the training, the masters for handouts, as well as access to online training videos.

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