Building Stronger Ministries Through Relational Intelligence

While the diversity of personalities, cultures, gifts, and talents that make up the face of your congregation are most certainly a gift, they can also create conflict within the church when we don’t understand how they are part of God’s design.  

The Consentia Group CommUNITY Ministry Workshop is designed to help your congregation grow in their appreciation of God’s diverse community of faith called the church. Through teachings from Scripture, our powerful personality assessment tool (SDI 2.0), and interactive group learning activities, you will see a change within your congregation resulting in deeper connections and a shared sense of purpose.

Relational Intelligence is a powerful relationship building tool. Whether it be a Fortune 500 company or a small church congregation, relational intelligence is key to helping relationships thrive.


Relational Intelligence | Ministry

Relational Intelligence (RI) is the ability to understand our personal motives and strengths as well as those of others – and how those factors affect interpersonal dynamics. 

Equipping your ministry leaders with relational intelligence helps them understand how they can use their unique strengths to serve the congregation and advance the mission of the church. They’re also able to understand others more accurately, allowing them to form deeper connections with those they serve.


Consentia Group Facilitator Certification

Consentia Group Certified Facilitators Have Access to SDI 2.0 Assessments and All Consentia Group Workshop Materials.

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CommUNITY Workshop

By participating in our CommUNITY Workshop, churches across the US have experienced significant transformation. With these powerful tools, you can expect to see your congregation grow in the following ways:

Personal growth of church members

Discovery of spiritual gifts

Appreciation for diversity

Improved communication

Ability to work through conflict

Deeper connections within your faith community

Core 4 - Essential 4 Life - Consentia Group

Consentia Group Workshops

Consentia Group Certified Facilitators are trained and licensed in all of our workshop formats as well as in the SDI 2.0. Consentia Group workshops aim to improve harmony and reduce conflict in various walks of life.

CommUNITY is a Ministry focused Workshop aimed at creating a culture within your church where relationships thrive. Soul Mates for Life focuses on relational intelligence within martial relationships. Changed2Lead aims to empower leaders within churches and non-profit organizations.  TeamLIFE is a team building workshop aimed at reducing conflict and increasing progress among teams. 

Find a workshop near you or inquire about becoming a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator.

Becoming a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator

Are you interested in implementing Relational Intelligence throughout your church or organization? Then you should inquire about becoming a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator.

By becoming a Certified Facilitator, you are able to train other leaders within your organization, saving time and money on conferences and effective resources.

Certification offers you every product needed for teaching life-changing skills. You will have access to all four of our workshops, slide decks, the Core Strengths platform, and access to SDI 2.0 assessments.

Consentia Group provides support throughout your initial training and beyond with our online resource center, workshop materials, and more. 

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