Who is Life Action Ministries?

Life Action is a ministry based out of Buchanan, Michigan, that has served the Christian community for over 50 years. They are a ministry dedicated to moving churches, ministries, families, and believers everywhere toward revival, vitality, and mission with Jesus. Life Action offers a range of services including in-church conferences, family camps, marriage retreats, relational health assessments, apprenticeship programs, and leadership coaching. Visit Life Action at https://lifeaction.org

Why did Consentia Group partner with Life Action?

Consentia Group partnered with Life Action to assure the ministry’s legacy and realize the expanding opportunities being presented today. Life Action is committed to growing the ministry of Consentia Group in the areas of missions, coaching, discipleship, and marriage. Life Action has a long history of serving the Christian community with integrity and excellence.

What will change because of the partnership with Life Action?

You will continue to experience the kind of service you are used to, but with different people answering your needs. Rather than just two people (Bruce and Darlene Terpstra), you will have a team of people who will serve you in training, support, technology, and product development. Our goal is to provide you with greater service.

Will prices change for assessments?

The price of the SDI 2.0 has remained constant at $50 for the past four years. There are no plans for an increase in assessment costs. You can currently enjoy the same great assessments and platform with no increases.

What benefits might there be to the partnership with Life Action?

The partnership with Life Action gives Consentia Group many resources to help improve products and services to you as a facilitator. Life Action has a full video department, graphic arts department, and mailing service department committed to advancing mission organizations, and more. The benefits are more than can be articulated here. You can expect the ministry of Consentia Group to elevate as a result of this partnership.

Will Bruce and Darlene Terpstra continue to work with Consentia Group?

Yes. Bruce and Darlene will be focusing on training chaplains in the military to prepare them to help couples in their marriage relationships. They will also continue to develop books and resources for discipleship, premarital material, and coaching resources based on the SDI 2.0 and the three passions of the soul.

Who do I call when I need help or have questions?

The help desk will be staffed by Abigail. She can be reached at abigail@consentiagroup.com or by using the chat feature on the ConsentiaGroup.com website. You can also call her at the Consentia Group business line (231-846-8472). She will be the point person for all your support needs, including invoicing.