Soul Discipleship Primer: cultivating discipling communities


Small group material for 13 weeks designed to equip the body to be disciplers of one another.  There are daily devotionals and activities and a weekly meeting of the community to debrief and practice what is being learned.

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Equip your small groups to disciple one another with the Gospel.  Effective discipleship is directed at the inside of man – the soul. Jesus taught that if you clean inside of the cup, the outside will become clean all by itself. Much discipleship focuses on cleaning the outside of the cup. Soul Discipleship Primer focuses on the inside, the motivations of the soul and how the Gospel brings about transformation. This unique book is designed for small groups to learn how to apply the Gospel to their soul and also to learn how to disciple others in the context of a community. Using the model of a medical residency, the reader becomes a practitioner through hands on learning in a weekly small group meeting. The book is designed to be used over thirteen weeks, complete with daily readings and activities. There is also a weekly small group meeting guide included. The reader develops knowledge of the diseased soul and grows in skill in how to apply the Gospel as a physician of the soul. This way of discipleship can be applied to any ministry or church as the author is not proposing a program, but rather a way of discipling that is modeled by Christ himself in the midst of community.

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