Three Passions of the Soul by Bruce K Terpstra (E-Book)



The church hardly bares a resemblance to the person of Jesus Christ after years of discipleship and participation in the life of the church.  Could it be that our discipleship methods are missing the mark? “Either there is something desperately wrong with the way we are doing ministry, or there is something desperately wrong with the Gospel”, Bruce Terpstra explains.  There is nothing deficient in the Gospel so we must examine the way we disciple.

In this book, Bruce Terpstra will challenge you to think deeper about how people are changed by the Gospel.  What he uncovers for us is that that very little discipleship is aimed at the soul. He draws from Scripture and our rich church history to establish an approach to discipleship that focuses on the three passions of the soul, (so named by Ignatius of Loyola) the need for acceptance, security, and significance.  You will discover that your own soul will be challenged to think differently about your walk with God and what drives your life. If you want to read a book that will challenge you to reorient your understanding of the Gospel, you need to read this book. The book not only thoroughly and biblically helps us understand the anatomy of the soul and how a soul is transformed by the Gospel, but it also offers a way forward that can be applied to any Gospel ministry.