Build High-functioning Teams Within Your Church

The church accomplishes its mission through small groups of people working together in unity. Whether one is a church member, serves on the worship team, or is a ministry leader, it is critical the team understands the unique contribution of each team member.

The Consentia Group TeamLIFE Team Building Workshop is designed to help build high-functioning teams.  While working closely together is bound to reveal how we are very different from one another, this training shows us how we can appreciate these differences and use them to build stronger, more effective teams.

Relational Intelligence is a powerful relationship building tool. Whether it be a Fortune 500 company or a small church congregation, relational intelligence is key to helping relationships thrive.


Relational Intelligence | Team Building

Relational Intelligence involves understanding why we behave the way we do, what motivates others’ behavior, and understanding how that information can be used to improve communication.  

Building a successful team requires a great deal of Relational Intelligence. Understanding what you, and others, bring to the table is paramount to functioning optimally. By using our powerful personality assessment tool, the SDI 2.0, along with our Discover Relate and Grow model, Consentia Group’s TeamLIFE workshop helps your team function at its highest capacity.

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Consentia Group Workshops

Consentia Group Workshops empower participants to improve their lives through the power of relational intelligence.  TeamLIFE is focused on improving functionality and cohesion among teams. Our additional workshops include Changed2LEAD, a Leadership Workshop, Soul Mates for Life, a Marriage Workshop, and CommUNITY, a Ministry Workshop.

Workshops are hosted by a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator with the support of Consentia Group. Becoming a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator provides you with the resources needed to effectively teach relational intelligence within your ministry or organization.

Becoming a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator

Are you ready to spread the power of relational intelligence? We invite you to inquire about becoming a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator.

By becoming a Certified Facilitator, you are able to train other leaders within your organization, saving time and money on conferences and ineffective resources.

Our certification program provides individuals and organizations with the necessary tools needed to achieve overcome conflict and achieve maximize potential. 

Certification offers you every product needed for teaching life-changing skills. You will have access to all four of our workshops, slide decks, the Core Strengths platform, and access to SDI 2.0 assessments.

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