Custom Training

What if my needs are unique?

Consentia has a team of experienced leaders in a diverse ministry environment that can brainstorm and assist you in addressing your unique situation and context.

Every context is different and requires new approaches and solutions. However, we do believe that every ministry context requires its people to work together in harmony and to employee their talents and gifts in a way that advances the mission. We believe that Consentia training that utilizes the TotalSDI suite of assessments has the potential to transform the way your teams minister.

Whether you are a Pregnancy Center, and Short Term Mission Organization, or a Local Church, you have people that need to grow. When your people grow, the ministry grows. The key is always helping your people grow. For this to happen, people need to discover what they don’t know about themselves and others. Then they need to learn how to related differently. We would be glad to discuss your unique ministry situation and explore how we may be able to assist you on your mission.

Please contact us to discuss solutions to your unique ministry situation. There are no obligations and we will be glad to help you on your ministry journey.


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