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Become a Certified Facilitator with Consentia Group

Consentia is committed to multiplying facilitators with the life changing teaching and process that have proven impact. Our certification processes will prepare you to become an effective presenter for your organization.

Most organizations chose certification after they experience our training because it enables them to integrate the materials and processes into the regular ministry in very cost effective ways. Without the cost of a facilitator and with reproducible training materials, ministries have the capacity to truly equip their entire membership.

Certified Facilitators are supported through our Facilitator Source resource center. We have video training for each unit and concept so you can review everything that you may need to review. We realize that even though Certification requires competency in the materials, that you don’t necessarily train every week. Facilitator Source provides everything you need, plus insights and ongoing training modules to grow your knowledge. You receive all this at no additional cost.

Some Certified Facilitators will also want to do training beyond their own organization. You have the capacity to earn additional income and positively impact other organizations. You have the option to be listed in our Find a Facilitator engine at no additional cost. You will also be included in our referral system for those seeking a facilitator.

For those who are consultants, trainers, coaches, and counselors, you can integrate our training and methods into your own systems. Our focus is on self-awareness which is often the missing ingredient to facilitate transformation. You have the flexibility to utilize our patented learning processes and copyrighted materials into your own systems.

If you are interested in exploring certification and becoming a Consentia Group facilitator with TotalSDI licensing, contact us to see what the possibilities are.


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