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Leadership is primarily a relational endeavor. While most leadership development programs focus on organizational management principles, Consentia focuses on the relational component of leadership.

More studies are being published indicating that the common ingredient of successful leaders is emotional intelligence that enables leaders to work with people.

Consentia Group utilizes the TotalSDI suite of assessments and patented learning processes and copyrighted materials to help leaders understand the “why” behind their decisions. Leaders develop a new paradigm of how they view their co-workers and teams enabling them to create a work environment with less conflict and harmony.

In addition to our Leadership Basic Training, we offer a 12 Unit Leadership Module that applies the Basic Training concepts to 12 Essential Practices of Ministry Leaders ( Facilitating Change, Discipleship, Integrity, Forming Teams, Empowering Others, Motivating Volunteers, Management Style, Envisioning, Listening, Correction, Encouragement, and Multiplication of Leaders). This Leadership Module comes with a complete slide deck and reproducible pdf manual.

Consentia is able to provide a certified facilitator for your ministry leaders, but our preference is to certify you or someone in your ministry to facilitate your own leadership development. The advantage you would have with your own certified facilitator is that you can implement this training over time (i.e. 12 months). Each unit can be experienced in less than an hour and is designed to be experiential learning. Each unit concludes with the development of action steps for transformation. The units do not have to be delivered in order so they can be used “just in time”.

Certification for the Leadership Module requires the pre-requisite Consentia Certification (either Pastoral or Limited Use) and successfully completing the online Leadership Certification Module.  

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