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Helping couples grow can be the most rewarding work you ever imagined.  The benefits have a ripple effect, like dropping a stone into water.  Helping a marriage can impact children, relatives, friends, and the wider community.

It’s satisfying to help couples resolve conflict. That said, it also takes a lot of work. The first step in getting consistent results is to use a great program. As a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator, you’ll get access to copyrighted and patented material proven to reduce conflict and aid in personal development. Our mission is to help you develop a culture where relationships thrive. 

Relational Intelligence is a powerful relationship building tool. Whether it be a Fortune 500 company or a small church congregation, relational intelligence is key to helping relationships thrive.


Developing Stronger Bonds Through Relational Intelligence

Relational intelligence  is a new type of intelligence factor. The study of Relational Intelligence impacts how we understand ourselves and relate to one another. It teaches that building meaningful relationships gives you the best chance of building a meaningful life.

Ministry leaders can expand their influence by learning about relational intelligence concepts. What’s more, they can begin teaching married couples about these skills. Couples with relational intelligence learn how to develop a deeper connection and grow together. 

Increasing RI in any marital relationship will take a concerted effort. It starts by making a conscious choice to improve the bond. This awareness leads to a better understanding of the other’s behavior and ultimately, a healthier way for couples to resolve conflict.

Unlock The Power of Relational Intelligence

Discover the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0) for yourself.

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Marriage Workshop Formats 

When it comes to resolving marital issues, there are no easy answers. To fulfill the emotional needs of your ministry, you may need to provide counsel in a variety of ways. Not all couples want to attend a private one-on-one discussion just as others might prefer it. You may wish to create fellowship groups or set up off-site retreats to help couples bond.

Marriage Ministry

These are support groups that provide a safe space for members to heal together. Here you can build a supportive environment where the material is broken down and discussed in weekly meetings. 

Marriage Retreat

Many couples don’t know how to make time for counseling, especially with hectic work schedules. By offering a weekend retreat, couples can schedule a dedicated time to focus on growing their relationship. 

Marriage Conference

As a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator, you have the ability to bring this life-changing material to your wider community. Hosting a marriage conference is an exciting opportunity to strengthen your community and grow your church.

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Consentia Group Workshops

Changed2LEAD is one of four Relational Intelligence Workshops offered by Certified Consentia Group Facilitators. Our additional workshops include; CommUNITY Ministry, Soul Mates for Life Marriage, and TeamLife Team Building

Each workshop is a journey of self-discovery supported by related materials and the SDI 2.0 personalized assessment.

Becoming a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator

Would you like to share the power of Relational Intelligence? Then let us help you become a Consentia Group Certified Facilitator. Our certification program provides individuals and organizations with the tools they need to achieve long-lasting success. 

By becoming a facilitator, you are able to train other leaders within your organization, saving time and money on conferences and ineffective resources.

Certification offers you every product needed for teaching life-changing skills. You will get the SDI 2.0 Assessment Tool and all four of our workshops. Consentia Group will be there a long the way to support you throughout your initial training and beyond with our online resource center. 

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