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Our vision for marriage is that each couple would become Soulmates for Life, enjoying God’s blessing in their relationship. The Consentia Group’s process of discovery, relate, and grow is ideally suited for helping couples discover themselves and their spouse in ways they never knew. We learn new ways of relating, and grow in our marriage together. We offer retreats and resources to assist you in your marriage journey.

Our Unique Approach

At Soul Mates for Life you will discover the motivation that drives your behavior and that of your spouse. This is unique to SFL training. This insight helps answer the “why?” of your behaviors. We also assist you in learning how your motivation changes during conflict. In addition, you’ll meet others of the same motivational value system and realize that motivation and behaviors are not solely a matter of gender but more a matter of how God has uniquely wired your soul. This training is fun, insightful, and experiential.


In order to focus on your marriage, it is helpful to get away for an extended time. We have retreat formats that are as short as 8 hours or as long as three days. We have held retreats in a local church or a “get-a-way” at a lodge in the mountains of Montana. What makes these gatherings unique to other retreats are the hands on insights that are learned through discovery. Along with the deep insights that are discovered you will share hilarious memories and leave wanting more.

Consentia Group can provide you with an experienced facilitator for your own event, or you could become certified by attending our Certification Training. One of our values is Multiplication. Our goal is to multiply facilitators for local ministries to equip their own members and reach out to their community. Our certified facilitators enjoy the free use of all our materials at no further costs making Certification the best option for those desiring ongoing ministry to families.

Community Outreach

Soul Mates for Life is an excellent outreach tool. Why? The SDI assessments are suitable for any couple regardless of religious affiliation or none at all. In today’s world, all marriages are under stress; stress from financial demands, communication challenges as well as lack of conflict management skills. Once a couple has attended an SFL training event, as part of a follow-up track, “Short Stories for the Long Haul” provides excellent curriculum for further discovering soul issues of both individuals. SFL group dynamics have resulted in connections that have caused couples to want to continue to meet together for longer time frames. The result has been a starting point for small groups. Reluctant couples (or individuals) have discovered the training has changed their minds about marriage enrichment training and in some cases has opened the door for previously undiscussed spiritual topics including the Gospel. Let us discuss with you how this can become powerful in your ministry.


Book: Soul Mates for Life, Dr. Larry G. Shelton

As a couple, once you have, experienced the Soul Mates for Life training, our experience is, you will want “more!” “Short Stories for the Long Haul” is an excellent follow-up book that contains 12 chapters (weeks) of inspiring and provocative writings for group and couple’s discussion. Each chapter contains a short story, a group discussion, and 5 PBJ devotionals (Prayer, Bible, Journal). Each chapter deals with an individual topic couples often wrestle with. Here are some chapter titles: “Romance, How to Fight Fair, Spiritual Warfare, Taking Faith-filled Risks, How Not to Keep a Record of Wrongs, Becoming Each Other’s Best Friend, Spiritual Gifting etc.” Once a couple has read a short story out loud together they can gather with other couples for a group meeting where they will discover what the Bible has to say about the topic of the week as well as what their SDI assessments suggest. After the group meeting each chapter provides 5 devotional PBJs to assist couples in going deeper in the topic of the week.

Coming Soon...

Premarital Workbook: This coming resource uses the SDI suite of assessments and is intended as a premarital counseling guide. Beta versions of this material have provided deep insight for pre-engaged as well as engaged couples. The “soulish” insights offered by SDI have proven to have evangelistic benefits, reinforce the vitality of the couple’s growing relationship and/or help some discover that it would be unwise to move the relationship forward. The SDI premarital counseling tool, I believe, will prove to be invaluable to every pastor, counselor, and the couples they work with.

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Apr 17

Soulmates for Life Retreat

April 17 @ 6:00 pm - April 18 @ 4:00 pm UTC+0
Kalispell MT
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Jun 19

Soulmates for Life Retreat

June 19 @ 6:00 pm - June 20 @ 4:00 pm UTC+0
Anderson Island WA
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Download a free sample chapter of "Short Stories for the Long Haul" by Dr. Larry G. Shelton, including group and couples materials.


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