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The foundation of all ministry is loving relationships. Our relationship with God involves discipleship of the soul. Working together in ministry requires understanding of others and how you are being perceived by them. Resolving conflicts in a healthy way is necessary for unity and movement. Our resources and training for ministry address all these areas with demonstrable and measurable results. Our approach and process includes discovering, relating and growing. Our go to tools for discover include the suite of SDI tools which give insight into “why” we behave the way we do as well as understanding how our behaviors impact others. Because we are doing ministry, all our training programs are integrated theologically and Biblically.

Here are the resources we offer which makes up a solid tool box for effective ministry:

Training Courses

  • memberLIFE: Equipping members to function in the body of Christ with emotional intelligence (5-6 hours)
  • teamLIFE: Equipping groups to understand how to work together in unity and effectiveness (8-12 hours)
  • leaderLIFE: 12 Modules of training critical to ministry leadership (delivered monthly at a leadership meeting or at leadership retreats)
  • Cultural Awareness Training: The growing diversity in our society requires a greater understanding of how culture impacts values, behavior, and relationships. This interactive training event will prepare your people to work together with understanding and unity (one or two day training options).
  • Passions of the Soul Retreats: Consentia Group offers a retreat package for ministries that desire to see soul care and soul discipleship advanced in their people. Retreats are customized for the needs of each ministry. Please contact Consentia Group for more information.



All these courses can be facilitated by a Consentia Certified Facilitator or you can attend a Certification Course and become certified to use the suite of ministry resources. We have facilitators throughout the U.S.A. and around the world.


Three Passions of the Soul, a book designed to people understand why they do what they do and how the Gospel is transformative.

Soul Discipleship Primer, is a 12 week small group study to learn and practice discipleship around the three passions of the soul and the application of the Gospel (coming fall 2018).

Free Chapter

Download a free sample chapter of "Three Passions of the Soul" by Dr. Bruce Terpstra.


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