Discover Your Relational Superpowers

Discover Your Relational Superpowers

Most people use their strengths reflexively. That means they use about eight to twelve strengths about 80% of the time, based on what comes automatically and feels most comfortable to them. This way of relating means they only utilize about 30-40% of their relational bandwidth. As a result, they will only be most effective with people or contexts that respond well to the strengths they naturally bring.

However, what about all the people and situations who would have responded better to a different strength? This mismatch explains why we are often ineffective relationally with certain people or in certain situations.

But imagine if you had the relational awareness to adapt your use of strengths to what was most effective with every person. You would unlock a relational superpower that would yield better results and better relationships!

The Strengths Deployment Inventory provides the insight you need to break out of the cycle of a limited, automatic use of strengths. Armed with knowledge of your core motivations and the reasons you use your strengths (and aware of the core motivations of others), you can choose to authentically connect your use of strengths to the context and expand the range of possible strengths you employ. And when you choose strengths that match the person and context, your relational effectiveness will dramatically improve!

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Del Fehsenfeld