The Three Passions of Your Soul

The Three Passions of Your Soul

We live in a world of hype that promises all the benefits without hassle or delay.

New and improved! Amazing and essential! Guaranteed and now!

Even transformation and transcendence are for sale. But the problem with living in a makeover world is that the results are only skin deep.

Jesus came with good news about lasting change that goes under the surface to the heart of our problem. Beyond the shallow strategies of consumerism, self-help, or empty religion, the key to transformation lies in reorienting the soul in the love of God.

Jesus’ revolutionary approach to soul reorientation is unpacked in the new edition of Three Passions of the Soul from Consentia resources. This book tells the story of the Bible in terms of an interactive relationship. More than a sin story, the good news of Jesus is a love story that addresses the deepest longings of human beings.

In particular, the Christian tradition has recognized that there are three primary passions of the soul that shape human behavior—the drives for acceptance, significance, and security. These three passions blend distinctly in each person but flow out of the universal quest for love. To be human in the image of God is to be made from love, for love, and to love. Nothing else can satisfy, and people will seek love until they find it, even if it is found in substitutes for God.

Therefore, the root of sin is the misdirected search for love in substitutes. We look to people or performance or process to meet our longings for acceptance, significance, and security instead of finding peace first in a priority relationship with God. But much more than sinful behavior is shaped by the three passions of our soul—so too are our personalities, conflict patterns, use of strengths, communication styles, and perceptions, because all are influenced by internal motivations.

In short, everything on the outside of us comes from what is happening on the inside of us!

And here is where the revolutionary teaching of Jesus about the soul becomes a beacon for the human race. Jesus tells us there is simply no way to change ourselves by ourselves. Nothing but God’s perfect love can heal our restless hearts. Only perfect love can cast out our fears. Only perfect love can satisfy our hunger for wholeness. Only perfect love can fill us with love for others. Only perfect love can change us.

Consentia Group is your partner in relational healing through the gospel. Through Christ, we no longer remain slaves to our passions. Instead, we can let our longings guide us back to their source in God in order to find rest in His love and share it with others. Our resources and training programs combine this understanding of soul development with cutting-edge, evidence-based wisdom about relational intelligence.


Order your copy of Three Passions of the Soul today! And let’s talk about how SoulMates, Team Life, and Changed2Lead can help your ministry with marriage enrichment, team effectiveness, and leadership development.

Del Fehsenfeld